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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Let there be art!

Up and at 'em Tuesday it is. An "Inside Track" Tuesday. Lot of balls in the air Monday. Had some very interesting conversations. You'll see tomorrow...

Hagopian Here's some good news on the non-political front: Montpelier artist Phil Hagopian's show at Speeder & Earl's on Pine Street in Burlap has been extended through the end of November. Favorable comments here in Freyne Land, and by my Seven Days colleague and art writer Marc Awodey have apparently impressed the powers that be in South End art land!

Plus the fact that folks just come in an look at Hagopian's thoughtful, challenging work. I've seen them in small groups stand and ponder and discuss.

By sheer coincidence, I bumped into the Montpelier artist and his Armenian wife Naira and child Shakeh at Speeder's on Sunday.


Let there be art!

Now back to politics...


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Why was Duckman REALLY fired? Why can't they tell the truth?


It took eight attempts at verifying my last post. Why is this happening? Why do these figures have to be so ambiguous? Is 7daze so lazy they cannot clean thier own comments?


Hoorayyyyy...another wackjob reads 7Days.

"Why was Duckman REALLY fired? Why can't they tell the truth?"


By sheer coincidence, I too bumped into the Montpelier artist Phil and his Armenian wife Naira on Sunday. But I am pretty sure the six-month-old Shakeh is a girl, not a boy.


I wish Philip succes in his art career.
He is really talent of his work!!!

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