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Friday, November 23, 2007

Behind the glass

All year long, I've been caffeinating, chit-chatting and reading the daily newspapers in print, down at Speeder & Earl's on beautiful Pine Street. And all year long, I've been sitting under the beautiful stained-glass creations in the window, not knowing who was behind them.

Chris_jeffrey_2 Would you believe an ex-lawyer?

No shit!

Finally met the face behind the glass on Wednesday. Chris Jeffrey told us he's a graduate of Northeastern Law School and spent 17 years practicing law, primarily as an advocate over at Vermont Tenants. But life has its different chapters, doesn't it?

"I decided being a lawyer kind of sucks," he said.

In 2000, Chris rented a little studio in Barre, Vermont and followed his passion and his talent - creating custom stained glass.

The rest is Mr. Jeffrey's evolving story - check him out here.


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"I decided being a lawyer kind of sucks"

Wow, that's a great line! Vermonter, care to retort?


hey peter,

long time reader, first time poster.

is that your red car in the background through the window? the one with, what seems to be, the 2nd VT Republic sticker????


Why is it for me to "retort" to the fact that the man wasn't happy being in his profession? I say good luck to him in his new career.

I'm sure there are plumbers who sometimes thing that being a plumber kind of sucks. Do you disagree?

Some days my job sucks, too. Some days it's very fulfilling. The grass is always greener. (And, no, that's not about marijuana, Ms. Ward.)



Just bustin' stones. Good on ya!

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