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Monday, November 26, 2007

Good point, eh?

Nichols_new Made on the Vermont radio airwaves Monday morning by John Nichols [right], distinguished progressive writer for The Nation and a telephone guest on today's Mark Johnson Show on WDEV AM-FM:

"Impeachment is not an option but a necessary response to a presidency that so dramatically mismanaged and misguided this nation. If we can’t impeach now, then we can never impeach because I guarantee to you that every president will always tell you that the times are too extraordinary to allow that president to be held to account.

"On this one I’ve got to go with Jefferson and say that the times are never too extraordinary to uphold the Constitution."

Nichols was on the panel at this evening's "Impeachment Teach-In" at Dartmouth. More on John Nichols here.


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Nichols is by far THE best at explaining impeachment. It's amazing how much misinformation we've been given on this. The Republicans really did a number on it during the Clinton years and so did the Dems. Instead of sullying the GOP for abusing it, the Dems sully impeachment itself!

They had the opportunity to impeach Reagan during the Iran-Contra scandal and Henry Gonzalez (D-TX) brough it up. The Dems told him to stop. Last night at Dartmouth College, Dennis Kucinich said the Democratic leadership is doing the same thing just like it did with Henry Gonzalez. Kucinich said one chair of one committee (he didn't name names) has been threanted not to support it. To actually hear it from Kucinich, chair of the Progressive Caucus and a leading Congressman in the Democraitc Party say that, I'll take him at his word and believe it. That's what people are up against and this is why we need to continue on. 2 out of 3 Vermonters surveyed in the WCAX poll, said investigations into impeachment are necessary.

The NH legislature will introduce a resolution, similar to the one in the VT legilsature. Good luck. If you think the Vermont leg. is difficult, try working in the largest legislative body in North America!


I didn't realize incompetence was an impeachable offense.


Well, here's what you missed:

Dennis Kucinich

John Nichols & a lively Q & A

Check them out!


Are you kidding, that guy is more paranoid then Sandy. I'll give him one thing and that is he is a wonderful speaker, but he certainly hasn't figured out what is real and what is not. Suspending the writ of habeas corpus for example. Here Dennis, talks about it being unconstitutional. You would think that someone would tell him that the US constitution only has any sway in the US. Cuba does not have to abide by the US constitution anymore the Iran. Ergo, there was never any writ to suspend, and certainly is not a violation of the constitution. It's a great talking point though. THen he goes on to say that everyone gives pause on the phone about what they are saying just in case.......I haven't heard of a single person that thinks twice about it, and I would bet money that if you took a poll of americans that a VAST majority would say they don't either. Here is another thing concerning Kucinich and his unconstitutional list of things, FISA authorizes the wiretaps, until the Supreme Court decides that FISA is unconstitutional then it is in fact Constitutional. So saying that it isn't constitutional is a bold faced lie. In the future please just summarize so I don't listen to that verbose set of allegations that have been repeated so many times that people are starting to believe them. Go forth with the investigations so this can be decided once and for all. Of course when Bush isn't removed from office, the conspiracy theorist will be out in full force.


Um.... setting up an extra-legal territory on cuba doesn't justify suspending rights.

In addition, violating the 4th amendment is unconstitutional with or without a law to do so, but Bush and Cheney have violated FISA and Bush has openly admitted that. We know that now to be the case.

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