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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Campers, eh?

The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce held its annual reception for Chittenden County legislators at the newly refurbished Hilton Hotel in Burlington Tuesday evening. Yours truly swung by after putting the ol' "Inside Track" to bed over at Seven Days.

The weather kept the crowd down a bit but still, more than 200 people showed: folks from the congressional offices, business leaders like Melinda Estes and Theresa Alberghini DiPalma from Fletcher Allen Health Care [aka the "Mary Fanny"], GM Paul Sands from WPTZ-TV and Bill Young, the former SRS Commish who's been running Maple Leaf Farm in Underhill the last three years.

Chamber_trio That's Bill with State Sen. Vince Illuzzi (R-Essex/Orleans (left) and the LCRCC' distinguished Top Dog - Tom Torti. [What's Tommy Guns tucking inside his sport jacket?]

A bunch of Chittenden County legislators were there including State Sen. Doug Racine (D) whose name was in the news as "thinking about" a gubernatorial bid.

Let me tell ya something. A gubernatorial candidate would have been "working the room," as they say.

Ol' Doug wasn't.

Racine But Illuzzi, the "King of the Kingdom" was!


"Economic development in Vermont revolves around Chittenden County," Sen. Illuzzi explained. "As chairman of the Senate's Economic Development Committee," said Illuzzi, "I've got to be there or be square!"

Very upbeat crowd, I must say. Despite the gloomy, depressing times, folks were particularly open, warm  and friendly - more than usual. Hey, all we've got is each other, right?

"The stock market may be going into the tank," quipped Vince the Prince, "but you wouldn't know it in this crowd."



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Martin McGuinness

VINCE '08 - keep the dream alive!!!


It was an upbeat crowd and I was glad to be there. As a member, I'm glad legislators in this somewhat socialist state are willing to attend and rub elbows with the capitalists.

Met "Vince the Prince" for the first time, but he seemed to spend most of the night talking with John O'Kane from IBM. I guess "the business of Vermont is IBM."

Doug Racine doesn't have to work the crowd. He is part of the business crowd from Chittenden County. And a great guy too.


Who is the blond with Sen. Racine? Not very nice to take a picture of the back of someone's head.


Bill Young looks, well, young.

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