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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mayor Who?

Faye_lawes Quick.

Who's the mayor of Burlington, Vermont?

Mayors come and go, folks, but the mayor's secretary doesn't change, at least she hasn't changed in the last 20 years.

Faye Lawes started behind the big desk as mayoral gatekeeper in Vermont's largest city back in 1987 when that socialist guy with the Brooklyn accent and the frequent press conferences was in the job.

Mayors And she's still the gatekeeper for the current occupant of the corner office at Church & Main - whatshisname? The quiet guy?

Stopped in for a chat with Big Bad Bob yesterday.

Interesting fellow. Loves the job.

More in the "Inside Track" on Wednesday.


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What was that last post on secret gov't. Kiss is about as secretive as it gets, but then again he can speak in public without sticking his foot in his mouth so I guess it is all for the best. I hope Kiss enjoys his last little bit in office.

Tom Dovich

Personally, I hope Kiss decides to run for a Chittenden Senate seat, knocking out Snelling or Miller, neither of whom are the least bit effective.


Kiss is an interesting fellow - - a different brand of politician from those quick with the 30-second sound bite. Just remember, still water runs deep.

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