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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Out with the old?



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Happy New Year, Peter!!!

The Rutland Herald posted resolutions from several well-known area people this morning. I like Chris Morrow's (from the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester): to appreciate the textures of life and not expect it all to be smooth sailing. When I read it I thought of you, whose year was tumultuous indeed, but you were so generous with it, and accepting, that we all were able to take heart from you and feel empathy with you.

Thank you for being so brave and so generous.


All the best to someone who is the best at what he does. Happy New Year Peter.

Peter Joes

Hello All - - and a Happy New Year!

Hopefully this will be a year where real action is taken to change the emphasis on negativity that has dominated the national and state political scene lately.

Time for some positive change!!

Don't know about that picture. Seems like quite the fixer-upper.

Anyway - - that you Peter for making this forum available for us to play with.

And its not all play. I noticed once or twice that people did change some of their attitudes or statements in response to feedback from others.

It would be great if some more of the lurkers would post. More opinions and information would be helpful


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