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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dean And Me

Heath_eiden A hundred people plus turned out for the 11 o'clock showing of - and almost final cut of - Heath Eiden's film about The Howard Dean Presidential Campaign back in 2003 and 2004 at the Roxy in Burlington this morning. That's the Stowe filmmaker in the lobby [right].

Thanks for the memories!

Heath showed it in Montpeculiar yesterday and at the Roxy in Burlap today. I knew if I didn't go, I'd regret it.  Apparently Sam Hemingway from the Freeps and WDEV morning talk-show host Mark Johnson had similar pangs.

Eiden the filmmaker was "feeling great."  The Associated Press wire and WCAX-TV covered yesterday's Montpelier screening, he noted, and,  “Most importantly, people from the grassroots showed up.  It’s really a testament to it years later, that people are still realizing that movement was no fluke. I was watching South Carolina’s returns last night," Heath told yours truly, "and I swear I’m watching Howard Dean in those speeches".

No Howard Dean here?

Dean_and_me "Howard Dean’s not here," acknowledged Producer/Director Eiden, "but he’s got some very important things going on in Washington.  We look forward to doing another special showing in Burlington when he decides it’s time for him to show."


“We’re going to be talking to a company up in Toronto," he told us,  "and their potential partnerships with other politically like-minded groups throughout the country that have interest in the continuing story of the movement that was inspired by Howard Dean."

How refreshing to see and hear a presidential candidate way back in November 2003 - at the time the passionate Democrat front-runner - refer on the campaign trail to the "lies" President George W, Bush used to take us to war in Iraq.

How disturbing that more than four years later, the bloodbath those Bush-Cheney "lies" were used to start continues...with no end in sight.

Not even the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl can change that sad fact.


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Wow. How terrific is that to have an independent filmmaker document your history for you? Can't wait for the film to get out there to spread the word about where it all started!

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