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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hemp promotes marijuana?

House_ag On Thursday afternoon, Sgt. Dean Hoover of the Saskatchewan Drug Unit told Wavy Davy's House Ag Committee via telephone from Saskatoon that that's not what happened up there.

"We really don’t have a big issues with the hemp growers," said Hoover. "It’s such a different looking crop and it really doesn’t look like marijuana," he said. "There’s basically just one flower on top, so most people really don’t know what it is." So we really don’t have a lot of issues.

"It would be really easy to spot marijuana plants in the center of a hemp field because there’s such a difference in the look. Hemp plants are absolutely filled with seeds, and, of course marijuana are all female plants, so there are no seeds. They want the smokable product," said the Sarge from Saskatoon.

As for smoking hemp to get high, said Sgt. Hoover, "You’d have to smoke 400 pounds of it to even get a smile on your face."

As it is, he said, "Marijuana is huge everywhere up here. Most of our marijuana grows are indoors.  A lot better product. Readily available anywhere. Canadian marijuana’s pretty popular. Big indoor hydroponic grows because of the short outdoor growing season."

Hemp in a field has got one stalk coming up and one flower on top, noted Hoover, where marijuana plants "have stems coming everywhere and the more bud the better. It’s totally different looking."

The Hemp Bill, H.267, appears to be gathering steam.



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One very important point to make is that if one was to plant hemp (where viable pollen is required for grain production and thus replication)in close proximately, this could be up to at least 10 miles, to high THC grade cannabis (pot/marijuana/medical)cross pollination would occur and the pot crop would be pollinated with low THC hemp pollen and thus no good. That would result in seedy pot instead of quality bud....

For this reason no pot/marijuana/medical cannabis grower would ever plant there crop in side of or close to a hemp field because they would not only be placing themselves at a higher risk but the resulting 'bud' crop that would be normally harvested from pot/marijuana/medical production would be ruined.

In fact cannabis is cannabis whether it be for hemp or pot. The plant shares the same physical structures (leaves, flowering structures (male & female), stalk & root structures) and even hemp will bush out if given enough space between row and plant spacing. The overall trend is for the internodal distance to be shorter in pot than in hemp that is grown for fibre, grain or dual purpose production.

So with that said, no hemp does not promote marijuana.

Just some comments!!

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