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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the Mind?

Tuesday "Track" rush for Wednesday's Seven Days.


Talk-show host Arne Arnesen, out of Massachusetts these days, called last night. Long time no hear.

Bush She wanted me on her radio show this morning to talk about...get this... President Bush's Monday night "State of the Union" speech.

Told her I wasn't planning to watch it, but for her?

What the hell!

"Why don't you watch it? You're a political columnist."

I confessed. I haven't been able to watch or read about anything to do with presidential politics, the Liar in Chief, or the presidential race with the smiling wannabees and the distractions from reality. Is it an indication of my good health? Or of a persistent illness?

But for her, I told her, I would make an exception.

I watched. Did you?

Was reminded of why I had stopped watching. My beloved America is tumbling into the worst economic recession of my baby-boomer life. The Bush Administration's Iraq War, the war that, like Vietnam, never should have been allowed to start, continues unabated without any end in sight.

And Big Oil continues to rule, as Mother Earth's rising temperature forecasts the shameful legacy we shall leave for our children's children.

Mr. Bush preferred to emphasize the need for maintaining tax cuts for the rich. The repeated standing ovations by the Republicans to even the most meaningless of lines became nauseating  acts of forced theatrical absurdity.

Hey, Sen. Pat Leahy's come out for Barack Obama for president. Sen. Bernie Sanders hasn't made an endorsement yet. BUT, Ol' Bernardo did sit right behind Obama-wama and was real friendly with him.

A sign?


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I thought it was bizarre. Nevermind what he said. While I was watching, I had the sense that this was a bunch of shady back slapping cronies and I had to wonder just what was the purpose of the whole ( seemingly staged ) event.

btw, what gives with the stimulus package and the senate? I know the senate operates a bit differently than the house, but why didn't the senate leaders participate in the initial Bush/House leadership meetings?


"And Big Oil continues to rule, as Mother Earth's rising temperature forecasts the shameful legacy we shall leave for our children's children."

The more shameful legacy is that we have stopped being an informed people. Used to be people actually took the time to inform themselves, now they watch movies and consider it to be an ultimate source. People have stopped or lost their critical thinking skills and follow the media like sheep. PeoplE have stopped taking the time to get to know candidates and vote for the best candidate, instead they read a few snippets in the paper and vote for who has a better chance of winning. In short the legacy we leave our children's children is that Americans have become unprincipled and lazy, wait long enough and the gov't will provide for you what you don't want to work for.

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