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Friday, May 30, 2008

Sirota Visit

Up-and-coming political author David Sirota blew through Burlap this week, kicking off his two-month national book tour. Got surprisingly little attention from the local media.

Sirota_at_borders In fact, the only press to catch his appearance with U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders at Borders Bookstore on Church Street the other night were a few 7Days types and a writer from the Washington, D.C. bureau of Le Monde, the big paper in Paris...France [right]. She interviewed him before his appearance upstairs before a standing-room crowd of 50.

David who?

David Sirota,
former press secretary to Congressman Bernie Sanders. David started with Ol' Bernardo back in 1999. Just a youngster in his early twenties. Was with him for a few years.

Now at 32, David's one of the new stars of the rising generation in American politics. His new book, The Uprising,  [catchy title, eh?]  includes a big chapter involving Bernie of Vermont.

Still, no local press covered his visit. No Freeps, no VPR, no WGOP, er, WCAX?

Sirota's Uprising was, however, newsworthy for The Colbert Report on Thursday


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Remember me?

Couldn't resist.

Resist taking a stroll downtown to catch Tony the Prog's big speech outside Burlington City Hall.

Are the rumors true?

Will Progressive Party candidate for governor Anthony Pollina announce he has finally seen the light?

A Has an agreement been struck with Vermont Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Gaye Symington based on the reality that knocking out the two leading Republicans in office in Vermont - Gov. Jim "Scissorhands" Douglas and Lite-Gov Doobie-Doo - is what really counts?

Placed two small bets {$1.25 total} with veteran Vermont political insiders: one, a Republican in Montpeculiar, and the other a Democrat currently "inside the beltway."

I bet Pollina realized winning office, even the lite-governor's office, was better than winning no office. That he'd realized he could use the lite-gov's office to promote any damn cause he chose. That at the age of 56, the old hippie had seen the light!

Dream on, Pedro.

I lost.

During the noon-hour on Church Street today, Pollina received the largest Vermont press turnout he's ever gotten and what news did he have to announce?

None whatsoever. He's continuing his gubernatorial campaign.

Funny how politics works, eh?

Jim Douglas and Brian Dubie sure appreciate it, eh?

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