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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Noway It's 2:45 on the east coast, and no public concession yet from Hillary Clinton wife of Bill, mother of Chelsea.

But Barack Obama has claimed the Democratic nomination, and behind the scenes the deal is going down, hopefully before the evening network newscasts.

Please, Baracko, please don't give the lovely lady the vice-presidential slot on your ticket.

Please, no more stories about presidential fellatio by White House interns in the Oral, sorry, Oval Office. No more blow jobs that become impeachable offenses.

Please, Obama WHamma. Don't go there.

How's about....Bill Richardson of New Mexico?

The dude speaks fluent Spanish!

Gratias, amigo.


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Obama is trailing McCain in FL, PA and OH. He ought to take some time and at least consider Hillary. Bill can be ambassador to Mars.

Roger A

Richardson would be great, a real foreign policy heavyweight paired with a guy somewhat limited in that realm... even Jimmah has said that Hills would be a risky choice. Just think, she'll still be younger than McCain is now in 4 or even 8 years...brrrrrr!


What's most disturbing is how Obama is above reproach. It's become almost blasphemy to criticize him in anyway. Kudos to John Stewart for pointing this out in his comedy routine, but he'll probably catch flack for that, just like the rest of us. It's as if Obama has been packaged and sold to us as some kind of diety, when he's nothing more than a junior senator, with a thin resume, who voted present a hundred times at his job.

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