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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Vt062303freyne Time to bid farewell to "Freyne Land."

It's been a great run. New writing challenges ahead.

Heck, I've outlived Tim Russert by six months!

In fact, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, and six months of chemotherapy from the good folks at the Mary Fanny on Hospital Hill, I beat the deadly cancer that was on track to end it all about one year ago.

But along the way, something else popped up. Had one of those grand mal seizures during a chemotherapy session. They did tests, but couldn't explain it. And I, Dr. Freyne, figured it was a reaction to the chemo-dose going in too fast. Sensitive, Pete!

Anyway, for more than a year I took my twice-a-day anti-convulsive pharmaceuticals like a good boy. Felt fine, but felt slightly "different."

However, I never appreciated how important those little yellow pills were until I stopped taking them for two days earlier this month. I started feeling like my "old" self again!

Then, bingo-bango! Had another seizure and ended back up in the Mary Fanny. Learned my lesson well.

Each day of life is a gift.

It's got to be for a reason, eh?

And it only works best when we realize we're in it together.

That's the only way we'll get this country back on course.

The Bums of Bush Land have taken a very heavy toll, but the times are a-changing.

See ya out there!


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Amen! good on ya, Peter!



Haik Bedrosian

Take care Peter.

David Ertel

Aaargh!! I hadn't checked in for a month or so and now I find you have been posting only to have you say so long again. Now my only daily read is Froomkin at the Washington Post. I do miss the local coverage as well as just knowing how you are doing.I think many of us got caught up in your struggles over the past year and all of a sudden feel out of the loop. Thanks for all your writing, good luck with your health and if you are ever coming to Montpeculiar I would love to lift one or two with you some afternoon.

Good Luck,

Roger A

The best to you always Peter.

Louie Manno


Here it is many months later and we all still have the feeling that something is missing… Thursdays are just not the same anymore… I hope you are healthy and happy.


August 13 2008 7:25 - was just checking also.


Just stopped by to catch up and was surprised to see that you signed off. Hope all is well with you Peter. Take care!


I wish you were still around to comment on the current Parks dustup..


Au revoir.

student aid

Mr. Peter no singing is no off thank you.

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