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May 31, 2007

Bob Blumenthal


I agree with George's assessment of Bob Blumenthal and his work. George introduced him to me the first year that he started this critic in residence for the BDJF and Bob consented to let me interview him on a cable television show that I host on Channel 15. I found him to be an easy person to talk with. He was a practicing lawyer at one time and that experience has come into good stead, not only as the interviewer, but also as an interviewee.

And if you don't think he has an ear for music, I'll relate this story to you. One year, Bob "dragged" me up to Halvorsons's to hear a local Boston band (Dead Cat Bounce) which he thought highly of. The name turned me off, but I bent to his expertise anyway. The band had a regular rhythm section with a least three multi reed players up front. They played all original free form compositions. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven.

Unfortunately, the concert was taking place during a "cock tales" party and Bob and I were in the middle of it (two table rows from the band). You have to be pretty loud to almost drown out a seven piece free form jazz ensemble which is typical of the local club scene. After a few tunes, I turned to Bob, arched my eyebrow and by a silent mutual consent, we both arose from the table and left. As we worked our way down Church Street, I started muttering some obscenities and Bob, ever the lawyer, chose to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment.

I'm planing to see his talks with Miguel Zenon (6/04/07) and BassDrumBone (6/07/07) which will be presented at 5:30pm on each of those noted dates. Before the BDJF is over, I am hopeful that Bob will "drag" me to another musical event, so I can relate another "war" story.


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