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June 04, 2007

Contois Auditorium


This is actually an addendum to Lou's posting of 5/31/07. Most of the artists that he mentioned performed at Contois. In the nearly twenty years that I have attended BDJF, I can honestly say that I have not seen a bad concert in that venue. I sit upstairs, in an aisle seat, just to the right of the center section. I have an unobstructed view of the stage and as far as I know the same sound expert (formally from Russia) has been taking care of business there for a least a decade and I've never had a complaint. 

Having said all that, can anyone make a comment as to last night's performance of MaMaVig and Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey? I'm entering the third day of a nasty cold and went to bed "real" early in the evening and did not attend. I would prefer a review from some reader here than what I may see in the local newspaper which I wrap my dead fish in.

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MaMaVig won me over. But I'm easy - play some Bach, and not just a short quote thrown in for show - and I'm happy. Play a less well known piece from Django Reinhardt's book, and play it with the elan that school of playing requires, and I'll start grinning. Django helped gave virtuosity a good reputation.
Mazzaroppi, Vignola and Masefield obviously enjoy playing together, and brought along one of Vignola's sons on guitar. I suppose they could work as MaMaVigVig...but they make it seem more like play.

I enjoyed JFJO as well, and I'll be pulling thier new one off the shelf for airplay soon. They opened with Monk's Four In One, and hit it hard, leaving big goofy open spaces between sections of melody. Thier version sounded to me like the one on Hal Wilner's Monk tribute record, and served to remind me how adaptable and free of genre constraints Monk's music can be. Jazzers have ransacked every other genre for material, why not lift actual Jazz pieces and play them, whoever you are?

Posted by: David Beckett | Jun 4, 2007 7:27:12 PM

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