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May 22, 2013

The Snobbiest Town in Vermont

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 12.45.16 PM

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the snobbiest of them all?

Vermonters love to brag about their state — and why wouldn't they? This place has the quaintest little towns, the greenest mountains, the tastiest craft beers, the stinkiest (in a good way) cheeses, the most kick-ass quality of life. As if that weren't enough to qualify us as the most righteous of all states, Vermont was recently rated No. 1 in sexual health.

So we were psyched to discover this hilarious tumblr on our Facebook feed this morning: NoseUp Vermont. In it, voters are asked to pit 32 Vermont towns against one another to determine which is the biggest snob. 

"For years the residents of the Green Mountain State have touted their superiority to all others — healthiest, smartest, greenest, beeriest," writes the "prestigious and highly secretive" NoseUp crew. "But the question remained, who rules Vermont? Finally, we shall settle the age-old debate and determine what town looks down upon all others in Vermont."

In the first round, Middlebury destroyed North Hero in the Farm Division. Burlington edged out Killington by a measly 7 percentage points in the City Division. The mysterious Guildhall was obliterated (we'd say unfairly, since who's ever heard of Guildhall?) by Stowe in the Mountain Division. And Manchester wiped the floor with Brattleboro in the Southern Division.

It's unclear whether you're supposed to vote for the town you genuinely think is the best (making you, the voter, the snob), or the snobby town you think would consider itself the best.

Whatever. It's all in good fun. 

Cast your vote here before Round 2 ends on May 27. And keep up with race on Facebook and Twitter.

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