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July 18, 2013

Somebody Destroys the Cairns a Southern Vermont Man Built to Honor His Dog


Abby Raeder, vice president of Chester's Vermont Institute of Contemporary Arts, was driving recently down Route 30 near the Stratton access road when she noticed something unusual: hundreds of rocks stacked into countless cairns rising out of a nearby brook.

Captivated by the scene, she stopped the car, got out and waded through the water. She wrote about the cairns, and their creator, a young man named Grant, on the VTica blog. Grant told Raeder he started building the stone structures after his beloved Bull Mastiff, General, died a few months ago. "I needed to do something for him," he told her.

Unfortunately, the monument was fleeting. Raeder reported in a follow-up post this morning that someone who lives near the brook — and was apparently peeved about the traffic the site was causing — had destroyed the cairns.

"Word of the cairn destruction spread quickly, and now I am receiving countless responses in support of Grant," Raeder wrote. Indeed, one commenter left this message: "We will help Grant rebuild."

Photo contributed by Abby Raeder

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