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April 22, 2013

4/20 Spark Improv Troupe Show Was a Trip

Improv1You're watching a scene from the highly acclaimed film Dance of the Walrus Hunters. A grizzled hunter and a questing novice stand in the frozen wastes of Antarctica, scoping out the walrus population.

"How are we going to kill it?" the novice asks. "A gun? A spear?"

"No," the hunter intones. "To kill the walrus, you have to make love to it."

A voice offstage announces, "This is your Oscar-winning moment!"

An über-schmaltzy soundtrack kicks in as the hunter steps forward to deliver a stirring monologue about the first time he killed something by, er, expressing his affection toward it: "She was 12 years old," he begins, his voice quavering Oscar-clip style. "She was orange. She was my favorite cat."

It just got weirder from there.

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April 16, 2013

Seven Questions for... the Schadenfreude Circus

Schadenfreude Circus

Of all the not-quite-translatable words in the German langauge, schadenfreude is one of the best known to English speakers. It's also one of the most delectable. 

It refers to the joy one takes in someone else's misfortune.

So it's a fitting moniker for a Barre-based sideshow act full of beds of nails, power drills up the nose and crotch-bound sledgehammers.

There are only two performers in the Schadenfreude Circus: Lady Riggy and Lazlo, both 31. They took the stage at Burlington's Club Metronome last week as part of Paco Fish's Burlesque Vangaurd Tour

Between Fish's uncanny Michael Jackson impersonations (plus stripping) and more stripping by Green Mountain Cabaret founder Alexa Luthor, Lazlo hammered nails into his nose and rolled a frying pan into a tube with his bare hands. Lady Riggy sliced a cucumber on her staircase of knives before climbing the stairs in her bare feet. She jumped up and down on broken glass, and then, to the horror of many in the audience, did the same on a pile of LEGOs.

Seven Days caught up with the duo after the show. 

Seven Days: Do you have day jobs?

The Schadenfreude Circus: Lazlo works for a Vermont insurance company. If you've got an insurance problem, yo, he solves it. Lady Riggy is a hausfrau with occasional breaks for hula hooping.

SD: When did you start performing as the Schadenfreude Circus?

SC: Last year. Before that, Lady Riggy was with other shows, cabaret groups, and street performing. But she was lonely and bored. Much to her surprise, hundreds of miles away, Lazlo wished upon a star (which was later proved to be Mars) that he might someday soon find someone like him ... a sideshow June to his Johnny. They soon learned that fate had been planning the birth of the Schadenfreude Circus for centuries. Nostradamus said something about it ... it is believed to be between the predictions about the French Revolution and Y2K.

SD: How did you discover sideshow?

SC: Many people joke about running away with the circus or the carnival. Lady Riggy actually did. Much like his role-model Gonzo the Great, Lazlo has been entertaining people with his wonderfully horrible stunts for most of his life. To quote Hunter S. Thompson, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

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April 12, 2013

Friday Link Dump: Huey Lewis Edition

Every Friday we'll be scouring the internets for tidbits of randomness, local and otherwise, to help you tick minutes off the clock until quittin' time. Here's this week's installment.


On the home front …

Working Models, Greg Davis & Ben Vida

Ad Hoc's Michael Sugarman has a favorable review of the new collaboration between Burlington's Greg Davis and Ben Vida, Working Models.

Former Seven Days music freelancer Will Ryan has caught on as a critic at Beats Per Minute. He's a fan of the dark new record from the Haxan Cloak, Evacuation.

The website for this year's Waking Windows festival is live.

Betcha didn't know the most depressing (and hilarious) job interview ever happened recently in Burlington. 

Ever lament, er, wonder how many Kickstarter campaigns there have been in Vermont? (And which ones were or weren't successful?) Wonder no more

And in nonlocal happenings…

Would you be more or less likely to see Fast 6 if it were filmed using remote-controlled cars?

Hey hey, my my. Rock and roll will never die … at least if Maroon 5's Adam Levine and his alleged harem of groupies and drugs have anything to say about it. 

Or David Lee Roth, for that matter.

Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

And finally, this:


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