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Friday, October 20, 2006

Can't Restrain Myself

Ss20201I'm a big fan of restraints. Unfortunately, living in an apartment in the Burlington area, it's a little difficult to maintain the dungeon of my dreams. Instead, I use items that are easily hidden when the landlords come over — silk scarves, handcuffs, etc. So, imagine my delight when I found Under the Bed Restraints by Sportsheets at my friendly local adult shop. This contraption slides between your box spring and mattress, with the arm and ankle restraints dangling out on their respective sides. They work great. I have a king-sized bed, and I was able to set up the product on my own with little difficulty. The straps are long enough to accommodate a petite person and strong enough to hold a 6'6, 300lb man in place (trust me).

My only complaint is with the construction of the actual cuffs — I found the metal rings to be a little weak. Luckily, the cuffs detach easily, so you can use your own!

Have a delicious weekend and play safe.

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