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Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Frenzy

It's Friday, and I'm feeling friskier than usual. It's the weekend before Halloween and that means lots of fun parties and costumes. I love Halloween because it allows us to let our alter egos take over — good girls become scantily-clad ladies of the night and otherwise boring men transform into blood-sucking vampires. It's amazing how much more fun life can be when we're in disguise. . .

If you haven't found the perfect costume yet, check out Old Gold in downtown Burlington. They have sexy costumes for men and women, and they even carry some plus sizes.

And if Halloween debauchery wasn't enough, Shortbus opens at Palace 9 tonight! It's getting great reviews, so I suggest grabbing ten of your hottest friends and hitting the theater.

Have fun all my little ghosts and goblins. . .and play safe.


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