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Monday, October 02, 2006

Travel Tips

A word of advice for sex-positive travelers: put your lube in the checked luggage.

I had a flight out of BTV on Friday, and I mistakenly thought the ban on carry-on liquids had been lifted. I always travel with my lube in my carry-on bag — one too many messy lube explosions in my suitcase. But, as I learned, carrying on the lube can create an even stickier situation. Approaching the security line, I noticed people presenting their liquid-based personal effects in a Ziploc bag. Uh-oh. Luckily a friendly fellow traveler offered up an extra bag. I threw the bottle of lube in the baggy along with my mascara, lip gloss and hair product. In the midst of taking off my shoes, fishing my laptop out of its case and emptying the change from my pockets, I noticed the security agent eyeing my lube. He opened the Ziploc, examined the bottle, then motioned for another security worker to assist him. After conferring with one another for a few moments and successfully piquing the interest of all the travelers in line behind me, they informed me that my bottle of lube was too large to be taken on the plane. Apparently, all carry-on liquids cannot be over 3-ounces in size. So, I had to say goodbye to my brand new bottle of lube. My only consolation: fantasizing about the security agent taking my lube home for his own personal use— he was hot.

Don't repeat my mistake! Check out the latest travel guidelines before you get to the airport.

Over the years I've grown accustomed to sideways glances from airport security officials when my baggage passes through the x-ray machine — it's hard to mistake a dildo or butt plug for hair gel. If you prefer to be a bit more discrete about your sexual proclivities when traveling, Toys in Babeland offers some great incognito toys for travel.

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