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Friday, October 13, 2006

What was he thinking?

220pxaviatbaldwin_3Have we learned nothing from over two decades of HIV? In a completely infuriating interview with Howard Stern this week, Alec Baldwin states his disdain for condoms. Stern, being a smart man, quickly steps all over Baldwin and praises the condom. Nice save, Howie.

This seems like a fine time to mention that both Vermont Cares and The Community Health Center of Burlington offer free, anonymous HIV testing on a walk-in basis. For hours and details, call Vermont Cares at 802-863-2437 or The Community Health Center of Burlington at 802-864-6309.

Have a great weekend. . .and play safe.

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that you can also get free, anonymous HIV testing at R.U.1.2 Queer Community Center in Burlington. Give them a call at 802-860-7812 for more details. Thanks for alerting me, Clark!

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