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Monday, November 27, 2006

Best Holiday Gift Ever

Have you been struggling with what to get your pervy friends this holiday season? I've got the solution: Let the folks at make a butt plug in their likeness. For around $125, will create a toy closely resembling your friend (or foe) from an up-close picture you supply. You should receive your one-of-a-kind toy in about two weeks.

If a butt toy in one's own likeness seems too narcissistic, have a look at their celebrity line of insertables featuring the George Dubya Tush and the ParASS Hilton. My favorite is the Smell Gibson, because as a company spokesperson told me via email: "We have taken celebrities and political figures who are acting like butt plugs and made them into just that!" When asked if is worried about law suits from celebrities like Tom Cruise, who recently sued adult toy giant Holesome Fun because of their Mission Insertable plug, the company spokesperson replied, "Not yet, but we're hopeful."

Which celebrity would you most like to see on a butt plug?

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