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Monday, November 20, 2006

Step It Up

B000gkaqjy16_sclzzzzzzz_ss384_v59171494__1I've never considered myself much of a foot or shoe fetishist. While I understand the allure of the human foot — soft, sensitive skin, appealing arch and tickly little toes — my gawky size 11s just never seemed to fit the bill. . . until this past weekend. While on a weekend getaway with one of my favorite playthings, I spotted a pair of fire engine-red patent leather 4" heels. These tarty shoes definitely piqued the interest of my partner, so I purchased the last pair in my size. Trust me, the shoes were worth every cent of the $30 I paid for them — he loved them, but more importantly, I felt incredibly sexy wearing my new footwear in bed.  In fact, I get turned on every time I open my closet and see them sitting there. If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, I highly suggest picking out some shoes that give you a thrill and slipping them on for your next romp between the sheets.

Which kind of shoes turn you on? Click on your favorite footwear from the list below and see how your taste ranks with other readers.

What type of shoe tickles your fancy most?
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Thigh-length, High-heeled Boots
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