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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oh, Canada

I love staying in hotels — the anonymity is delicious and makes me feel like being naughty isn't just permissible, but a requirement. I have friends who have worked in metropolitan hotels for years, and oh, the stories of sex and debauchery they tell! Of course, it helps if the hotel is a 5-star lap of luxury with amazing cuisine, top shelf mini bar and a masseuse at your beck and call. Which brings me to my entry for today. . .

While doing a search for "sex toys" on Google (hey, it's amazing what you'll find when you perform random searches), I came across a New York Times item about Drake Hotels, a boutique hotel chain in Canada. The Drake has taken its customer service to an entirely new level by adding "pleasure kits" to its lush room service menu. According to press clippings on the Drake's website, you can order up massage oils, velvet restraints, how-to videos and vibrators (brand new, of course). Kits start at $35 and hotel staffers expedite delivery so you don't lose the mood.

My only question — how much does one tip for such a service?

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