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Monday, November 06, 2006

Slippery When Wet

Dear Mistress Maeve,

I recently started sleeping with a new guy, and there's just one problem — he gets wetter than I do. When he gets excited, his penis leaks. I know guys have pre-cum, but his is extreme. I don't really mind it, except when we're having intercourse, he gets too wet and the condom slips off. I'm on the pill, but this is relatively new relationship, and I want to keep it safe until we become monogamous. Is this
normal, and how do we keep the condom from slipping without losing the mood?


Strategicintrofc_fc_picDear Chelsea,

Kudos to you for wanting to keep sex safe until you're monogamous, and double kudos for turning your man on so much that he gets wet! Most men secrete pre-ejaculatory fluid, most commonly referred to as pre-cum. The amount of pre-cum varies from guy to guy. In all likelihood, your new beau is fine, but he should check in with his doctor just to be sure. As far as the condom slipping, have you tried a non-lubricated condom? Lubricated condoms have lube on both the outside and inside — add your boyfriend's pre-cum, and you've got a slippery situation. Slide on a non-lubricated condom, add a little lube to the outside for your enjoyment, and that should take care of the slippage.

If that doesn't work, you can also try the female condom, which slides into the vagina prior to intercourse. With the female condom, he can get as wet as he wants to, and it shouldn't effect protection. But be warned, my friends at Vermont Cares tell me that the female condom is only 85% effective for protecting against pregnancy, HIV and other STDs, whereas the condom is holding strong at 99%.

Wet kisses,

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