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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Twist of Fate

Dear Mistress Maeve,

Some years ago I met a man I had instant chemistry with. No, not the sexual kind of chemistry, but the kind of chemistry that gets you right in the heart. I suspect this man felt the same; I sensed it. We had a chance meeting a few years later, and he seemed pretty excited to see me, too. This man has stayed on my mind all these years, and I really feel like he might be the special one for me — the one we all long for in life. I've thought about contacting him recently because I am now single. I'm not sure if he's single, but I suspect he wasn't at the time of our initial meeting. My question is, should I make an attempt to contact him or wait and be patient, hoping that fate makes our paths cross again?


Dear G,

I like a fated romance story as much as the next girl, but sometimes we have to create our own destinies. In your case, fate has already done its job by parading this man through your world on two occasions — the rest is up to you. In today's web-crazed world, it's easy to find people from our pasts. Try sites like MySpace and Friendster first. These sites make it easy to "bump into" someone online and keep things casual. If he hasn't jumped onto the friend networking bandwagon yet, do some internet sleuthing on Zaba Search or White Pages.

When you find him, be cool. Find out if he's single before you profess your undying devotion. You clearly have a strong intuitive feeling about this guy, but until you know he feels the same way, protect your heart.


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