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Friday, November 24, 2006

Work It

I may have found a workout routine I can stick to — aerobic striptease and pole dance training. This new workout craze has soccer moms across the nation installing stripper poles in their suburban basements.
The most popular striptease program on the market is Sheila Kelly's "S Factor." I was disappointed to find out that Kelly was never an actual stripper. She's the wife of West Wing actor Richard Schiff, and she "found her passion" for stripping while researching a movie role. I suppose this explains why she landed appearances on Oprah and The View shortly after starting her company — I doubt either program would give much attention to an actual stripper with a startup company.
If you're interested in what a pole dancing class might look like, you can check out this YouTube video by the founder of Pole for the Soul, a Seattle-based striptease studio.

Don't have a stripper pole at your house? Don't worry — you can get one on eBay.

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