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Monday, December 04, 2006

Hair Down There

Dear Mistress Maeve,

30845850My boyfriend likes me to shave my pubic area — he says it turns him on and makes it easier to navigate when he's giving me oral sex. I don't mind shaving for him, but I wish he would do the same for me! I've gotten him to trim his area before, but he says, "Guys don't shave their balls." I think he's just nervous to take a razor to his crotch. Can you please give your opinion on this and possibly some pointers?


Dear Nicole,

Fair is fair, and if you're going to enhance his sexual pleasure by taking a sharp object to your nether region, he should do the same for you. I know plenty of men who shave their scrotums and live to tell the tale. As long as he's careful and takes his time, shaving should be a pain-free experience.

First, he should trim the excess hair using scissors or clippers — this will make the shaving portion infinitely easier. Then, he should sit in a warm bath to loosen the skin of the scrotum and soften the hair (a shower will achieve the same outcome, but if it's his first time, he might like to relax in the tub). Be sure that he uses quality shaving gel or cream, not just soap! After he's lathered, he should pull the skin of his scrotum taut, giving him a flat shaving area. Using a sharp razor (a dull blade is not a good choice here), make slow, deliberate strokes until all the hair is removed. If he's shaving the whole kit and caboodle, he should shave with the grain, unless he wants screaming razor burn. Remember to moisturize after shaving with a mild cream — facial moisturizer is a safe bet.

Good luck and happy shaving,

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