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Monday, January 08, 2007

Behind the Times

If you want to be hip in 2007, you better have an iPod, skinny-legged
jeans and, apparently, a penchant for the posterior. According to a
recent article in New York Magazine, anal sex is all the rage with
heterosexuals these days. The article sites statistics from a recent
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey that claims that doing it in the derriere has become immensely more popular than it was a decade ago, especially among heterosexual couples looking to spice things up. Read the full New York Magazine article here.

Curiously, the CDC's survey only accounts for men penetrating women
and does not seek to discover how many women are anally penetrating
their men with fingers, dildos or other objects. For many women,
penetrating a man is a very meaningful experience — it can be an
empowering, feminist experience, and it can also introduce a new
layer of intimacy to a relationship.

Of course, I still encounter men who have strict "exit only" policies
when it comes to their behinds. Whether brought on by a lifetime of
heterosexist conditioning or a genuine fear of giving into that level
of vulnerability, I think it's a shame that so many men forgo this
kind of pleasure.

Since the CDC didn't think it worth asking, I'll ask you — how many
of you straight folks would/do engage in female-on-male anal penetration? Care to elaborate? Leave me a comment.

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