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Monday, January 29, 2007

Get Real

While attending a party over the weekend, a frustrated friend asked me where to find "authentic" lesbian porn. She explained that she keeps herself satisfied with erotica and female masturbation videos but that she's been unable to find "real" lesbian hardcore films.
She's got a right to be frustrated. If you believe what you see in mainstream lesbian porn, all lesbians look like Pamela Anderson, never break a sweat while getting it on and have 3-inch-long fingernails (yet somehow manage never to severely injure their partners). Mainstream lesbian porn is made with one consumer in mind — the straight male. As such, the women in these films are almost never portrayed as actual lesbians — they're bi-curious or sleeping with women to please their men.
Wk_coverAs lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues become more recognized in mainstream media, it stands to reason that the porn industry will have to follow suit — and it's already happening. I recommended to my friend that she check out Pink and White Productions out of San Francisco, a leading company in the world of queer porn. With two titles already available, The Crash Pad and Superfreak (in which the ghost of Rick James transforms party-goers into "superfreaks"), Pink and White has earned numerous industry awards and plans to release a new movie this March called In Search of the Wild Kingdom.
My recommendation comes with a friendly warning — this is real lesbian hardcore. Pink and White founder Shine Louise Houston doesn't shy away from group scenes, rough sex, fisting or gender play. And Houston knows lesbian sex — she used to work for Toys in Babeland and has used many of her Lusty Lady friends in her films.

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