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Monday, January 22, 2007

Large and In Charge

Hi Mistress Maeve,

I'm a plus size woman with two issues. Firstly, I'm happily married, and while the sex is fun, I'm tired of only doing it in the same two or three positions because of my size. Any tips?

Secondly, any suggestions on where to find good costumes for the bedroom in plus sizes?

Angel in LA

Dear Angel in LA,

Having great sex when you're plus-sized takes a little more effort and thought, but in the end, it's all the same — be present in your body and know what works for you. Getting adventurous may take a little more trial and error, but it's fun nonetheless.

Doggy-style is the best position for a plus-sized woman— your tummy doesn't get in the way, and your partner can easily spread your thighs and buttocks to get to the goods. Missionary can also work, but prop your fanny up on a few pillows so that gravity tilts your belly more toward your chest (or try The Liberator). To spice things up a bit, try the standing reverse cowgirl. Have your partner sit on the edge of the bed or couch and lie back with his feet on the floor. Stand in between his legs with your back to him and have a seat! You control all the movement, and it's a great thigh workout. If your bed or couch is too tall for your comfort, you can always do it in high heels. . .

Which brings me to your next question. The Internet is a beautiful thing, and you can find just about anything in plus sizes if you know where to look. For basic lingerie, try Torrid or Lane Bryant. If you're thinking naughty nurse or schoolgirl, try Hips and Curves. If you don't mind spending the bucks, check out Diesel Femme Wear. This company specializes in custom-made sexy clothing for plus-sized ladies.

Above all else, remember that you're as sexy as you allow yourself to be. Go get 'em, girl.

With Chub Love,

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