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Friday, January 05, 2007

Public Sex

I'm generally not one for party games, but I attended a small dinner party recently where the host put together a game that even I could enjoy. After dinner, as we were all lazily sitting around the table enjoying what was left of the wine, the host placed a bowl in the center of the table, then passed around little slips of paper and pens. We were to write down the most scandalous place we had ever "fooled around." The definition of "fooled around" was debated for a while, but we finally agreed that we could only identify places where we had gone to at least third base — more than making out and groping.

After everyone had written a spot on his/her piece of paper and placed it in the bowl, the bowl was passed around and each dinner guest had to pull out a slip and identify who had fooled around in a church, a department store, in a movie theater during the latest Rocky film, etc. All in all, I was sublimely entertained. . . and mildly turned on.

How about you? Where have you gotten past second base? If you don't see your favorite spots in the poll below, leave me a comment.

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