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Friday, January 19, 2007

Who's the Boss Now?

Remember cute little Jonathan Bower from the1980's hit sitcom Who's the Boss? Well, actor Danny Pintauro is all grown up now, and there are photos to prove it.

The good folks at Fleshbot reported last week that some x-rated photos of Pintauro had been spotted on, one of the Internet's leading hook-up sites for men. It's no surprise that Pintauro is gay — he came out in the National Inquirer in 1997. But it is shocking that someone in the public eye (even a washed up former child actor) would post such graphic photos of himself on a free cruising site. In my opinion, it's clear that the photos are of Pintauro. Whether he posted the listing himself or not, that's up for debate. Perhaps Tony Danza did it?

Fleshbot story and R-rated pictures here.

X-rated photos from Flesh Seeker here. Warning — it would be ill advised to open this link at work or in front of child actors.

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