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Monday, February 26, 2007

Hey, That's Not a Microphone...

Antonella_1Another season of "American Idol" is well underway, showcasing the mediocre singing abilities of 20 or so young, sugary-sweet contestants. The show would be completely worthless if not for the inevitable outing of one wild contestant who, in pre-Idol life, posed nude for some jerk who then sold the photos to the highest bidder as soon as his model made it big on Idol.

This season's offering comes from New Jersey's own Antonella Barba (the most mediocre of the bunch). Before landing on Idol, she appears to have been a very busy girl. As the pictures show, Antonella pushes the envelope much further than Season Two's Frenchie Davis, who was disqualified for posing topless on the internet. Hey, Frenchie was just a BBW trying to make a buck. . .

Check out the goods at At least she has something to fall back on.

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