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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Buzz on Valentine's Day

Last year, a company called Love Labs released an iPod-friendly vibrator called the iBuzz. Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Love Labs has introduced the iBuzz Two — an improved version of the original with two vibrating bullets instead of one and no clunky adapter for the headphones. Here's the promo video:

Since I’ve turned into an iPod junky, I was very excited when my iBuzz Two arrived in the mail. But a word to the wise — if you order this product, make sure to have AAA batteries on hand; they’re not included.

Ibuzz_large_01_1After a quick trip to the store, I was ready to get down and dirty (I always wonder what store clerks must think when they see an exasperated woman hurriedly buying batteries and nothing else). Now, if you’re a person who has trouble hooking up the DVD player to the television, the iBuzz might seem intimidating at first — it has lots of wires and sockets. But, have no fear, the simple directions are easy to follow, and I didn’t have any trouble. The iBuzz Two comes with two attachments: a pink bunny to tickle your bits and ring stimulator for a penis or strap-on.

Once your new high-tech vibrator is ready to go, the most challenging part begins — song selection. If you like to warm yourself up bit, go with something more melodic. For me, I like to get right down to business, so I scrolled through my list of songs and decided upon the tune I found most appropriate: “Get Off,” by Prince. The iBuzz responded immediately, bouncing and vibrating along to the groove and deep bass beats. When getting myself off, I tend not to vary the movements too much because I know what works, so I was a bit nervous that the groove would be too varied to push me over the edge. Not so. I found that knowing the song helped — I knew what beats were “coming,” if you know what I mean. . .

I do have a few gripes about the iBuzz Two. I found all the wires to be cumbersome and the blue flashing lights a bit tacky. It was a bit frustrating to have two controllers — the iPod for song selection and volume and the iBuzz for on/off and other vibrations (you can turn the music vibes off and go with the iBuzz’s preprogrammed vibrator settings). I also found having two vibrating bullets really distracting. Having two is almost always better than one, but what if you don’t have a partner and, like me, prefer not to have two body parts vibrating at the same time? The second bullet was buzzing away next to me on the bed — not hot.

Overall, the iBuzz Two would make a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day gift. It’s not often you find a sex toy that works well for both partners at the same time. And if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, pick up the iBuzz Two for yourself. At least you won't be fighting over the controllers.


P.S. If you’d like to find a partner to use your iBuzz Two with, you should attend the Seven Days Singles Party this Wednesday at The Green Room! Details here.

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