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Friday, March 16, 2007

America Voted — Come Out, Already!

Since pop culture phenomenon American Idol took over televisions across the country six years ago, tabloids have swirled with rumors about host Ryan Seacrest's sexual orientation. Seacrest has remained quiet about whether or not the gay rumors are true, but check out this clip from one of this week's episodes courtesy of The clip shows a back and forth between Seacrest and crotchety judge Simon Cowell. The exchange makes me feel icky — either Cowell is trying to out Seacrest on national television or show producers are trying to use Seacrest's mystery orientation to boost ratings. Either way, the whole thing is awkward. If Seacrest is gay, I wish he would just say so. Don't get me wrong — he has every right to stay in the closet, but if he's not going to let us in on his little secret, then I wish he would stop pandering for ratings.

On another note — who's excited for the Sex Issue? Next week, Seven Days will reveal the results of this year's sex survey. I must say, I'm proud of you — I had no idea how deliciously perverse some of you are. . . 

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