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Friday, March 02, 2007

He's Got Balls

Former NBA player, and now openly gay man, John Amaechi released his book Man in the Middle last week. The book examines what it's like to be a closeted gay man among the NBA's elite, where coaches and upper management support a culture of fear and ignorance when it comes to gay issues. Sound like fun, no? You can read an excerpt from the book on ESPN.

You've probably already heard news stories about former NBA player Tim Hardaway's reaction to Amaechi's coming out — it was less than favorable. Hardaway sounded off on a Miami radio station, saying such eloquent things as, "You know, I hate gay people, so let it be known. . . It shouldn't be in our world or in the United States." Gee, I wasn't aware that the United States wasn't in our world. Thanks for the education, Tim.

The NBA has banned Hardaway from all NBA-related events, and Hardaway's lawyer has released an official apology. I'm glad to see mainstream media isn't letting it go at that. Check out Jimmy Kimmel's offering featuring my favorite gay, George Takei.

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