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Monday, March 19, 2007

No Experience Necessary

Virgin_territory Kevin Blatt, famous for distributing the Paris Hilton sex tape, has come up with a new idea to maintain his B-list celebrity status — a reality show where one lucky boy virgin gets his cherry popped by a bona fide porn star. The show, described as Big Brother meets Howard Stern, will be called Virgin Territory. While the show has no network to call home (I'm thinking pay-per-view might be a better venue for this brand of entertainment), the application to participate in the show asks prospective virgins whether or not they'd be available for a month-long taping this summer.

Show producers held auditions in New York last week where would be contestants took polygraph tests, presumably to separate the men from the boys, if you know what I mean. . .

If you think you might be eligible to participate, you can download the Virgin Territory application here. Based on some of the returned Seven Days sex surveys, I know at least a few of you exist in Vermont. And don't forget to pick up this Wednesday's Seven Days for the complete sex survey roundup!


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