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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Better Footing

Foot1 Dear Mistress Maeve,

I recently started seeing this guy, and we’ve slept together a few times. I really like him, and I think he feels (or felt) the same way. Here’s the issue: During a session of pillow talk last weekend, he told me he’d like to give me a foot massage. I thought this was odd because it was late at night, and we had just had sex (we usually both fall asleep shortly afterwards). I agreed to let him rub my feet, and as soon as he started massaging them, he got another hard-on. He seemed mildly embarrassed, which was awkward for me — but what’s worse is, I was so tired, I told him I just wanted to go to sleep. The next morning, the awkwardness continued and he left quickly. Our conversations since have been friendly but short, and we haven’t made any more plans to hang out.

Mistress, what happened, and how can I fix it? I don’t mind exploring his foot fetish, but I’m afraid he’ll never want to open up to me again. How can I resolve this situation and move forward with this great guy?

Toe Up

Dear T.U.,

Problems are afoot, and it’s up to you get this relationship back on track. By rebuffing your beau at his most vulnerable, you gave him the impression that his desire to tickle your toes actually turns your tummy. He feels judged by you, and I don’t blame him for taking a step back. You say you’re willing to explore his fantasy, yet you have not expressed your willingness to do so. I don’t care how tired you are or how awkward the situation is — when your partner shows you his or her vulnerability, you do not roll over and start snoring.

Don’t get me wrong — this situation is not completely your fault. Your man took a risk by not communicating with you ahead of time. If you don’t mind his fondness for your feet, you need to call that boy — pronto. Apologize and tell him you made the wrong decision in a delicate situation. Let him know that you’re curious about what makes him tick, and assure him that the next time your feet are involved, your little piggies won’t be running “Wee wee wee, all the way home.”

If the conversation goes well, surprise him by getting a fresh pedicure — it’s a great way to be flirtatious with your feet. Try experimenting with stockings (from old-fashioned seamed stockings to new-fangled fishnet thigh-highs) and sexy shoes or boots. Better yet, have a candid conversation with your foot-lovin' fella. Some fetishists are into lovingly worshiping the feet, while others would prefer to see the feet bound for their dominant pleasures. Find out what kind of foot fetishist your man is, then take it from there — if you're open to his wishes, you'll be two-stepping through your fantasies in no time.


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