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Monday, April 23, 2007

Bitchy Jones's Diary

Picture_3_3 I stumbled across a new blog two weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. With a name like "Bitchy Jones's Diary," how could it not hook you?

Bitchy Jones calls herself a "real person," who also happens to be a femdom (a female dominant in the bdsm world). I find Bitchy Jones a joy to read — she's not full of herself, nor does she put on an amateurish kinky sideshow like many other femdom bloggers. Bitchy is candid, almost to a fault, and deliciously self-deprecating — imagine Sandra Bullock or Meg Ryan doing a monologue about flogging.

The excerpt below is from her entry entitled What it Feels Like to Hurt a Man Until it Makes You Have an Orgasm (see, she doesn't pull any punches). If you're curious about bdsm and what makes a domme tick, it's a good read. Bitchy represents only a small snippet of the many kinks and bdsm avenues available to us, but even so, it's a good introduction to the world of kink (and a good reminder for some of us who've lived in Vermont perhaps a little too long).


I often put clamps on him now and if he doesn’t scream really fucking loud, I take them off and put them on him again. And that’s really painful. And this is the first point where I might feel a bit droppy. Sometimes it’s like a lonely feeling. It’s lonely at the top. A dark homesickness. There'll be a scream that thuds hard right into my cunt and something like remorse will break over me. Like waking up from a dream of doing something terrible. And sometimes I’ll pause for so long that I’ll find him frowning at me, like, why have you stopped?

So I pull myself together and carry on because I’m driving and we’ve both got somewhere to go. So I snuggle back into the cozy blanket of my arousal by finding a quick sharp way to hurt him. Face slapping is good – but there is no way I’m doing that if we haven’t talked about it because I am far too much of a primadonna to give up my position as the most emotionally traumatised person in the room. But we move on somehow. And on to something nice. Read on. . .

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