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Friday, April 20, 2007

Doggie Style

Hotdoll1 Being that Seven Days unleashed the Animal Issue this week, I thought it appropriate to introduce you to Hotdoll. If you've ever owned an overactive pooch with a ferocious appetite for humping the legs of house guests, you might appreciate this new pet product. Yep, the Hotdoll is a sex toy for Fido, and it comes in two sizes to satisfy the tiniest of toy poodles and greatest of great danes. The toy is structured out of plastic with a layer of soft "technogel skin" on the outside. The orange bits are made out of rubber for durability, and the whole thing (including the hole in the rear) is made for easy cleaning.

Hotdoll4 Being a cat lover myself, I'm not privy to the sexual demands of today's pooches, but I say — if it keeps your pup off the furniture and dinner guests, it can't be all bad. Check out more product shots at Feel Addicted (click on products).


P.S. Thanks to and my friend Ms. Buddha for this hot dog of a tip!

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