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Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Fun

Picture_4 I'd like to thank Fleshbot for making me late for work this morning. . .

If you're looking for a suitable Friday distraction, I suggest you click over to Sloggi and play with their scintillating billboard builder. Sloggi, a lingerie company based in the Netherlands, is famous for its scandalous billboards featuring scantly-clad models. In their latest marketing push, horny computer geeks (like me) can craft a personalized billboard by choosing the backdrop, models, poses and message. The best (and most time-consuming) part is choosing the models — you can "ask" them to do a host of things for you like smile, twirl, dance and blow kisses. Just don't ask them to bend over — they don't seem to like that.

Have fun and be sure to email me your billboards at [email protected]


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