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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Golden Girls Gone Wild

If you don't know who Tristan Taormino is, you're missing out. She's an author, columnist, sex educator — and my personal hero. She's enterprising, sharp, kinky and gorgeous — a killer combo in my book.

This week, Taormino explores sex and the elderly woman for the Village Voice in a story called "Knockin' Vintage Boots."

"It's much easier to think about Grandma baking cookies than having sex," says Lauren Taylor, a professor at Columbia School of Social Work and a clinical social worker who does individual and group therapy. She works almost exclusively with people over 60 at the Service Program for Older People (, a clinic on the Upper West Side. "In approaching the subject of sex with older people, almost all of them feel tremendously relieved to be talking about it because no one else will—not their doctors, not their families; no one wants to talk about it."

Read "Knockin' Vintage Boots" here.

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