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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Is That A Cell Phone Tower In Your Pants?

Undies Despite the World Health Organization's assertion that cell phones and their base stations are not likely to cause serious health risks in humans, some people are still worried that cell phone radiation will cause cancer — in their pants. reports that Swiss designers have come up with Slipaways — silver-threaded undies that will protect your junk from the harmful electromagnetic waves that shoot out of your cell phone. says, "The Slipaways briefs are said to be so effective that any phone calls made in the confines of the underwear will completely fail to connect, though why anybody would try to make a phone call from within a pair of Swiss briefs is beyond us."

So far the Swiss company has only produced 4,000 pairs of Slipaways, and there's no word on when the briefs will be available in the US — until then, I guess you'll have to stop making calls from your pants.

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