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Friday, June 01, 2007

Getting Off. . . Again

Thanks to those of you who took the masturbation poll — looks like most of us are in the 3-5 times per week category (you horny little buggers!). As for the 2.6% of you who don't whack off at all — who are you? Why not? I need more information.

The poll prompted one of my Seven Days cohorts to ask me, "Do you get yourself off more or less when you're having sex on a regular basis?" My answer is more — way more. If I'm having great sex with a partner, it's nearly all I can think about; thus, I need more relief. And especially in the beginning of new sexual relationships, when you're just making out and teasing each other to death, I can't even roll out of bed and start my day without taking care of business.

So, how about another poll? We did just finish National Masturbation Month. . .

When you're lucky enough to be having sex with another human being, what happens to your self pleasuring schedule?

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