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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Japanese Butts Cleaner Than Americans'

. . . but not for long.

Get ready, America — the Washlet is coming to a toilet near you. Since 1980, a company called TOTO has been manufacturing the Washlet — a heated toilet seat that cleans and dries your nether-regions after you do your business. Over 60 percent of homes in Japan already have the Washlet or similar products, and now TOTO is setting its sites on the US — starting with Times Square in New York City. On July 1, TOTO will launch its Clean Is Happy campaign by erecting a 2-story billboard of smiling butts over Times Square — oh, how cheeky!  And, hey — these butts have faces, too. I highly recommend checking out the Clean Is Happy website and the over-the-top, squeaky-clean actors who are paid to promote these toilet seats.

According to the website, you can get your very own Washlet at Blodgett Supply in Williston. Enjoy.

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