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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


As if I wasn't turned on enough just by watching the promo videos for Apple's new iPhone, now Iphone Digital Playground has announced porn downloads specially formatted for the iPhone's screen. DP is teaming up with Adult DVD Empire to immediately offer 158 full-length movie trailers for free — not a bad marketing scheme, considering Apple's Steve Jobs estimates they'll sell 10 million iPhones over the next year. You can check out all the news at Digital Playground here, but be careful — this site might be a little racy for the workplace.

I guess those of us in Vermont will have to wait to watch our porn on the iPhone, since we're the only state without any access to AT&T Wireless, formerly Cingular (the exclusive carrier of the iPhone). Guess I'll just have to get my porn the old-fashioned way (again, link not suitable for cubicle viewing).

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