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Monday, July 16, 2007

In Case You Missed It. . .

Bill O'Reilly strikes again. On June 23, O'Reilly dutifully educated his Fox News audience about a new epidemic in America — pink pistol-packing lesbian gangs.

According to O'Reilly's guest, Fox News Crime Analyst Rod Wheeler, these groups — set up like sororities — use violence and crime to recruit young women into lesbianism. Wheeler also says, "We've actually counted, just in the Washington D.C. area alone, that's Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, well over 150 of these crews."

How anyone can think this is real news is beyond me. Thankfully, media watchdog groups and fearless newspeople like Keith Olbermann are keeping O'Reilly in check. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project, authorities confirmed only 150-175 gangs total in the D.C. area, with only one so-called lesbian gang.

Furthermore, The Intelligence Project outs Rod Wheeler as "a member of Jericho City of Praise, a conservative Christian megachurch in Landover, Md., whose leadership publicly advocates against equal rights for gays and lesbians." Glad to see Fox News is upholding its stellar reputation for unbiased news analysis. . .

You can read the rest of the Intelligence Project's findings here. You can watch Bill O'Reilly make a mockery of journalism here:

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