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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Batter Up

Dear Mistress Maeve,

It has recently dawned on me that I have become one of "those" girls.  Now, I know there are several different definitions for what exactly "those" girls are, but I am of the variety that sleeps with her friends.

I hang out strictly with guys. I love beer, baseball and bacon. I am completely comfortable with my boys. Which is probably why they tend to be the ones I get naked with.

The problem is, these boys are more likely to give my hair a friendly tousle than a sexy tug. And while the physical stuff can be good — hell, great, even — I tend to have the classic girl reaction and fall a little bit in love. Meanwhile, the guy tends to have the classic guy reaction — as in, he rolls over. Or worse, he expects me to return to my previous roll of “wingman” the very next night.

But how can I meet someone new when the only opener I know is to punch a guy in the shoulder and say, “How 'bout dem Sox?” Help, MM — I need a boy that isn’t one of my boyz.

Bosom Buddy

Dear B.B.,

I've got news for you: You're a hot commodity! Do you have any idea how many men would give their right arm to meet a girl who can hang with the guys, crack open a beer and watch the game?

But you're never going to hit a home run if you keep allowing your guy friends to make a line drive to your bedroom door. If you're ready for a more serious relationship, stop sleeping with the pinch hitters (i.e., your guy friends). Unless, of course, one of them shows some genuine love interest in you — which is probably unlikely, when you keep letting lesser players slide into home.

And one more thing: Hanging with the guys is all well and good, but it's time for you to get some single gal pals. Haven't you seen "Sex and the City"? We need to stick together. Leave the boys in the dugout for a night and take the ladies out of the bullpen. They may not know as much about baseball, beer or bacon, but they're more likely to help you hit one out of the ballpark.

On deck,

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