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Monday, October 22, 2007

Cuddle Party?

Saturday was National Cuddle Day, and I celebrated by attending the Burlington Brawl, a mixed martial arts fighting event, at Memorial Auditorium. Why did I attend? Ever heard of a "sausage fest?"

Aside from the twenty hot, buff, half-naked fighters straining in the ring, most of the 1,100+ people in attendance were men. I estimate at least three rowdy, amped-up guys for every girl — and for my randy mood on Saturday night, that was just fine with me.

No, a cuddle party didn't break out, but the fighting was satisfactorily homoerotic. So, while the MMA fans around us were yelling things like, "Punch him," and "Kick him," we were yelling things like, "Fist him," and "Toss his salad!" Ah, good times.

No, seriously, the Burlington Brawl was an awesome event, and our Burlington boys represented — they showed a lot of heart and skill (and skin). I hear they're planning another fight for the spring. I'll keep you posted.


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